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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Free Indeed 1 John 8:31-36 Guest Speaker 2018-04-22 Guest Speaker
Proverbs 1: 8-18 Proverbs 1:8-18 Guest Speaker 2018-04-18 Guest Speaker
Persistent Prayer to a Perfect Father Matthew 7:7-11 John Ringo 2018-04-15 Topics in Matthew
Study of Man John Ringo 2018-04-11 Soteriology
Specks, Logs, Hogs and Dogs Matthew 7:1-6 John Ringo 2018-04-08 Topics in Matthew
The Resurrection of Jesus the Christ John 20:1-18 John Ringo 2018-04-01 Topical Messages
Luke 23:35-43 Luke 23:35-43 2018-03-28 Soteriology
Choose Your Outlook on Life - Faith or Worry Matthew 6:25-34 John Ringo 2018-03-25 Topical Messages
Man Sin Salvation John Ringo 2018-03-21 Soteriology
Choose Your Master - God or Wealth Matthew 6:19-24 John Ringo 2018-03-18 Topics in Matthew
Living and Serving for God's Eyes Only Matthew 6:16-18 John Ringo 2018-03-11 Topics in Matthew
Romans 16: 17-20 Romans 16:17-20 John Ringo 2018-03-07 Romans
Matthew 9:35-38 Matthew 9:35-38 John Ringo 2018-03-04 Topics in Matthew
Trey Byrd: Galatians 4:1-7 Galatians 4:1-7 Guest Speaker 2018-02-25 Guest Speaker
Radical Risk Takers for Christ Romans 16:3-5 John Ringo 2018-02-11 Topics in Romans (Sunday Morning)
Romans 16: 1-2 Romans 16:1-2 John Ringo 2018-02-07 Romans
Theology Must Always Lead to Doxology Romans 11:25-36 John Ringo 2018-02-04 Topics in Romans (Sunday Morning)
Romans 11: 11-24 Romans 11:11-24 John Ringo 2018-01-31 Topics in Romans (Sunday Morning)
Jesus’ Passion for Reverence When the Lamb Became a Lion John 2:13-17 John Ringo 2018-01-28 Topical Messages
Romans 11:1-10 Romans 11:1-10 John Ringo 2018-01-24 Romans

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