Covid 19


The following guidelines will be utilized by our church for the forseeable future when we meet in person on Sunday mornings.

► We will only be meeting for worship service at 10:30. Equipping hour is currently not being held. Please arrive a few minutes early to ensure we can seat everyone appropriately.

► Hand Sanitizer, masks and gloves are available as you enter the building if you would like to use them.

► Let’s avoid all hugging and shaking hands while honoring the 6 foot social-distancing guidelines.

► Please try not to gather in the foyer as you enter and proceed to the seats as directed by the ushers.

► Please allow our ushers to seat you according to our plan for distance spacing. Seats will be assigned as you arrive and seating will start at the front of the sanctuary and fill towards the back using every-other pew.

► Once seated, please refrain from moving about.

► Nursery care will not be available. If necessary, mothers and infants/toddlers may sit in our foyer.

► If you need to cough, sneeze or use a kleenex, please cover your mouth as you leave the sanctuary.

► Before returning, please wash and disinfect your hands.

► At the end of the service the ushers will dismiss us row by row, beginning with the front rows.

► Please join us outside for “social-distancing fellowship!”

► No refreshments will be served before or after service.


Church Reopening and Covid-19 Update - June 3, 2020

Dear Church Family,

This Sunday, June 7th will be “Reopening Day” for public church services  We are thankful that we can finally gather together once again as a church family and get back to what we love doing.

We realize there will probably be a variety of expectations for our first Sunday, so we want to make sure you all understand that our goal is to prepare in such a way that we provide all of you a safe, healthy, orderly, and worshipful church environment.  We will do our best to cover as much as is possible to ensure your heath, but we are asking you to practice the guidelines that all of us need to follow in reference to hygiene, hand cleansing, and most of all “social distancing.”  We are posting “Guidelines for Attending CBC” which will explain some general bits of information to keep us all healthy and comfortable as we head back to church.  Those “guidelines” will also be published on our Sunday bulletins.

So our reopening will be June 7th at 10:30am. We are asking you to arrive at 10:15am to help us strategically seat each of you in the church sanctuary.  Greeters will be outside to give you instructions and ushers will escort you to your seats with social distancing in mind.  That means you will most likely sit in an area you normally do not sit.  Also there will be no nursery care, but our newly expanded and almost completed foyer can be a place for nursing moms and small children if needed.

As an FYI - there will be no refreshments before or after service and there will be no Equipping Hour for the foreseeable future.  Hand sanitizer will be in designated locations throughout the church.

And, with weather permitting, as the ushers escort you out we encourage you to mingle outside under our beautiful trees and enjoy the precious fellowship that we have with our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

I will continue to provide Wednesday Bible Study video messages that can be watched via our church website, but the Sunday messages will only be available through an audio format on the website.  I look forward to seeing all of you this Sunday “face to face” at 10:15.


May 22, 2020 - Update

Back on March 19, literally two months ago, the leadership of Community Bible Church (CBC) announced and posted our decision to end all public church services in keeping with the “Guidelines for America” provided by President Trump and the government’s infectious disease control experts.  Thankfully, and always because of God’s kindness toward all (Matthew 5:45), we have witnessed the “flattening of the curve” here in Florida and the gradual return to normalcy that we all desire to have.  Though we all are eager to resume life as we know it and to get back to gathering together at church, we are aiming to go about this in the wisest, safest and most loving fashion for our church family.

Our CBC church leadership met twice in the previous two weeks and discussed the potential of reopening and how to go about doing church with respect to the guidelines given by our state government leaders. We truly desire to go about this in a way that ensures all who do attend know we are looking out for each person regarding the Covid-19 threat.

As of this week the state of Florida is still in what our government leaders are describing as a Phase 1 for reopening the state.  We understand that the guidelines as they apply to churches specifically state that groups of “50” people and under are allowed to meet and gather.  With that in mind and with the injunction from Romans 13 that we are to be subject to our governing authorities, we are respectfully waiting on our government officials to allow for gatherings of a larger number before we feel it is right for us to resume church services. It seems reasonable to conclude that sometime in June, which is right around the corner, those guidelines will be expanded and will allow for us to resume our public meetings for Sunday church.  When that happens we will inform the church family and hit the ground running.

In the meantime we are formulating a game plan for what our Sunday morning church service will look like by doing our best to accommodate everyone’s concerns, and at the same time provide a healthy, orderly, and most importantly, worshipful environment. For your information the church office is open as it has been for the last couple of months, and we continue to provide two weekly video and audio messages every Sunday and Wednesday that can be accessed at our website -

Hang in there and “let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly’ (Colossians 3:16) as you keep walking close to our Savior.  if you have any questions please contact one of our elders or deacons.

John Ringo
 - Pastor




March 17, 2020 Church Notice:

In keeping with the “Guidelines for America” provided by President Trump and the government’s infectious disease control experts, the elders and deacons have agreed to cancel all Community Bible Church (CBC) ministries and events for the foreseeable future.  

While there is no substitute for us to gather together, due to the health concerns of the spread of the Corona Virus, we will begin to provide a weekly video sermon that can be accessed at our church website - We plan for the church office to remain open during our normal office hours (Tu-F, 9:00-1:00). Thank you for your understanding during these unique days.

Pray for and encourage one another as you have opportunity, particularly those at greatest risk.

Pray how God might use you to assist others with greater needs. It may be that we can be a help to those who are in need of groceries and other supplies and are not able to travel or are not comfortable going to our local grocery stores.

Pray for our government leadership, medical personnel and all those in our communities affected by this pandemic.

Pray that the Lord would use this trial to refine the church and to draw people to Himself.

In the coming weeks we will strive to stay in touch with our church family via email, phone calls, and regular information and notifications through our website. We decided on Tuesday night that it is time to update our website in order for it to be a place where all of us can regularly go to in order to stay in touch with CBC news, along with sermons that can be listened to online.

Online giving:

You can give to the church via the following methods: physical mail; bill pay, or online giving through Paypal on our website.

Links to Helpful Resources:

Tom Ascol: Thinking Christianly about the Coronavirus updates

State of Florida Health Department updates

This is a unique time in our country, and as you are aware new information is constantly coming out. Thank you for your flexibility. If there are any changes we will let you know as soon as possible. 

Please continue to pray for our elders and deacons, our church, our community, our nation and the world. While this situation is certainly not comfortable, it provides unique opportunities to selflessly care for each other, bear each other’s burdens, and share the gospel with unbelievers. The Lord is our refuge and we take great comfort that He is at work through this pandemic. 

If you have any questions, please contact the church office.

On behalf of the Elders and Deacons of Community Bible Church, St Augustine

John Ringo
 - Pastor