Community Bible Church is committed to upholding and proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified to the nations, which is the power of God to save and transform lives (Mathew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8).

To this end, CBC strives to be active in and supportive of making disciples of all the nations, both locally and globally. We do this through local outreach and caring for our missionaries both financially and spiritually. We invite you to take some time to meet our beloved missionaries spread throughout the world:

-Jim and Bethany Ayres, Malawi, Africa  

Church Planting and training Pastors
Grace Ministries International-GMI


-Ron and Amy Barber, Quezon City, Philippines,

Equipping leaders for ministry in Asia at the International Graduate School of Leadership
The Evangelical Alliance Mission-TEAM


-Johnny and Carol Binzel, San Pedro Sula, Honduras,

Church Planting and discipleship training
Central Missionary Clearinghouse


-Juan and Rose Cardenas, Mount Dora, FL,

Train missionaries and develop discipleship materials for Central Asia
The Evangelical Alliance Mission-TEAM


-Chad and Kara Mia Dexter, Philippines,

Training Biblical Expositors
Commission To Every Nation-CEN


-Terry and Carol King, St Augustine, FL,

Ark Youth Ministries, Christian Schooling, Bible Camps
Baptist Missions to Forgotten People-BMFP



-Daniel and Myriam Liberek, Belgium,

Pastors in Belgium, Church Planting, oversees short-term missionaries, supports national church planters,
President of Forum of the Evangelists and Global Evangelists Foreum.
United World Mission-UWM


-Jonathan and Sharon Moorhead, Czech Republic,

Church Planting, training national leaders at Czech Bible Institute, Grace Ministries International-GMI


-Steve and Tibby Westcott, Deltona, FL,

US security coordinator, Education and Child Safety



– The Gideons International, St. Augustine Camp


– Pastor Dmitry and Natalia Myasnikov, Tulun, Russia