Missions Proclaiming To The World


CBC Missions plan of giving answers these needs:

  • it provides more money for missions
  • it enables churches to send more missionaries
  • it involves individual believers in the program of world evangelism

How does CBC Missions Giving Work:

  • Missions Giving cards are distributed to each person.
  • THEY PRAYERFULLY CONSIDER how much they are willingto trust the Lord to enable them to give to missions above their regular offerings.
  • THEY FILL IN the amount of their monthly missions offering amount and turn in the card.
  • THE CHURCH TOTALS all the cards and then set the annual missionary budget and support amounts for current missionaries based on the total from the people.
  • NO RECORD is kept of names and amounts pledged. It is between the Lord and His people.
  • WEEK BY WEEK believers give their Missions offerings as God prospers and enables them.
  • CBC routinely evaluates current Missions budget to determine if additional missionaries may be supported in the coming year.

Our Missionary Families

Please Pray for Our Missionary Families:

  • Ark Youth Ministries, Terry and Carol King, St. Augustine, FL
  • Jim & Bethany Ayres, Grace Ministries International in Malawi, Africa
  • Ron & Amy Barber, New Zealand, TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)
  • Johnny & Carol Binzel, Honduras, Baptist Mid-Missions
  • Juan & Rose Cardenas, Middle East, The Evangelical Alliance Mission
  • Paul & Beverly Currin, Italy, Global Outreach Mission
  • Sue Hahn, Japan, Association of Baptists for Worldwide Evangelism
  • Daniel & Miriam Liberek, Belgium, United World Mission
  • Peter & Sally Maclure, Chad, Africa, Africa Inland Mission
  • Steve & Holly Niphakis, PA, Overseas Missionary Fellowship
  • Steve & Tibby Westcott, FL, New Tribes Mission
  • Chad and Kara Mia Dexter, Philippines
  • Jonathan & Sharon Moorhead, Grace Ministries International in Czech Republic
  • Antioch Baptist Church, Chita, Russia, Slavic Gospel Association
  • Antioch Initiative Training Center, Irkutsk, Russia

Worship Times

Sunday Morning
9:30am - Equipping Hour (Classes for Children and Adults)

10:30am - Main Worship Service (Kids Corner for ages 3-1st Grade)

Wednesday Night
6:30pm Doulos Cafe 6:30pm
Kids Club ages 4-5th Grade