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1 Cor 11:23-26 Communion Sunday

Deliberating Over the Bloodied Body of Jesus


Deliberating Over the Bloodied Body of Jesus
1 Corinthians 11:23-26
12-6-2015 Communion Sunday
1. We REMEMBER 11:23-25

    Remembering keeps us encouraged in hard times and keeps things in perspective.
    Remembering reminds us that we are truly God's people.
    Remembering helps keep worship pure and full of life.
    Remembering allows us to pass on these truths to the next generation.
    Remembering brings forth glory and thanksgiving to God.

2. we PROCLAIM 11:26

    Christ's death satisfied the justice of God. Sin can be forgiven!
    It's Christ's death, not our actions or good works, which accomplish God's purpose of mercy and love.

3. we REJOICE 11:26b

    Remembrance will provoke deep thoughts of the bloody sacrificial death of Jesus.
    But it will bring joy because His bloody death was God's loving provision.
    We do not come to Communion as though we are attending a funeral.
    We come with great "Joy" because we know Christ rose from the dead.
    We come to with great "Hope" because we are Anticipating His Return.Brothers and Sisters, Remember Christ!

Community Bible Church, St Augustine

John Ringo, Pastor