Sermons Proclaiming to The World

1 Corinthians 13:8-3

1 Corinthians 13:8-3
1. What Does Cessationism believe?
We believe the Holy Spirit is not only continuing His work, but that He is actively involved in and through the lives of all born-again believers.

We believe God still does the miraculous today. Spiritually and Physically.

We believe the Holy Spirit no longer gives to individual believers the miraculous "sign gifts" like revelation and predictive prophesy, tongues, miracles and healings.

We believe "sign gifts" were present in the first century and passed away with the apostles. Some Continuationists teach the "sign gifts" have continued unabated since Pentecost. Other Continuationists teach the "sign gifts" have faded away through much of the church age, but now have been restored in these last days...1906 (wave 1), 1960 (wave 2), present (wave 3).

2. The 4 Main Arguments against Cessationism
A. Where is chapter and verse stating miraculous gifts will cease?
Where is chapter and verse stating these gifts will continue?
B. Sign gifts cease only when Jesus returns 1 Cor 13:8-10
Tongues actually passed away on its own. 1 Cor 13:8
C. The Book of Acts is normative for today.
Then where are modern day Apostles like Paul, John, Peter?
D. Validation through experience and numerical superiority.
How can 500 million tongue speaking people all be so wrong?
The Roman Catholic church claims 1 billion miracles of all forms in history.

3. The 7 Biblical reasons for Cessationism
A. God's purpose for Miracles: only 3 periods which God worked miracles through chosen men. Moses, then Elijah and Elisha and the third, Jesus and His apostles. (large gag - no 'activity')
Q. What was the primary purpose of these miracles?
A. Miracles establish and authenticate the one who speaks the Word of God.
To give them 'undeniable' credibility as a spokesmen of the living God.
MOSES Ex 4:1-2 Ex 6:28 and Deut 18:15
ELIJAH 1 Kings 18:36-39
JESUS John 5:36 6:14 7:31 10-24-26 37-38 Acts 2:22
APOSTLES Acts 14:3 Heb 2:4 2Cor 12:12 13:3
B. The Apostles no longer exist
The office of Apostle was a temporary gift Christ gave to the church. Eph 2:20; 4:11. Most, even charismatics, will agree there are no more like the original Apostles. No one today can fulfill Apostolic Qualifications, so this gift of Apostle has ceased.
C. The foundational nature of the NT Apostles and NT Prophets
1. Speaking in tongues today...Acts 2:4-11 The tongues spoken were languages which existed and were understood. See also Acts 10:45-46 and the commentary on it in Acts 11-15. What happened in Cornelious' household is exactly what happened at Pentecost. Those tongues were a supernatural sign not only attesting to Peter's apostleship and message, but that God was also saving Gentiles - Cornelius the Italian.
2. Prophesy today
OT prophets spoke direct infallible revelation from God and so did the NT prophet and apostle.
Today, prophesy is different. "I think this is what the Spirit is saying." Prophesy today is not what the Scriptures teach.
The Charismatic gifts claims of today bear no resemblance to their NT counterparts.